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World Heritage Temples to visit in Spain

22 November, 2023

There are many cathedrals in Spain, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This is a bonus when considering a visit to these religious temples, which are also a part of the country’s history and architecture. Amongst these you can find different styles and periods reflected in their façades and interiors. Discovering them is an experience for travellers.

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  • Segovia Cathedral.

  • Córdoba Cathedral.

  • Cathedrals 'mudéjares' of Aragón: San Salvador en su Epifanía (Zaragoza), Santa María de Teruel and Teruel Cathedral.

  • Salamanca Cathedral.

  • Co-cathedral of Cáceres.

  • Seville Cathedral.

  • Toledo Cathedral.

  • Cathedrals of the Camino de Santiago: Oviedo, Vitoria. Lugo, Bilbao, Mondoñedo and Santiago de Compostela.

  • León Cathedral.

  • Santa María de Burgos Cathedral.

  • Ávila Cathedral.

  • San Cristóbal Cathedral (Tenerife).

  • Cuenca Cathedral.

  • Baeza Cathedral.