05.03.2024 | 05:55

Murcia to host the Jubilee Year of Caravaca de la Cruz in 2024 

6 December, 2023

The Jubilee Year of Caravaca de la Cruz will be celebrated in 2024 in the Region of Murcia, will be an unprecedented tourist landmark and will be present at all national and international trade fairs, with special prominence at Fitur at the beginning of the year.

Among the events that will take place on the occasion of the Jubilee Year, the World Convention of the Five Holy Cities for Christianity will be held for the first time. The venue will be Caravaca de la Cruz, where projects and good practices of these cities will be shared: Santo Toribio de Liébana, Santiago de Compostela, Rome, Jerusalem and Caravaca de la Cruz itself.

The celebration of this Jubilee Year seeks to consolidate a project of economic, tourist and social transformation that will turn the Region of Murcia, through Caravaca de la Cruz, into a top national and international religious destination.