12.06.2024 | 17:14

Barcelona and Seville connected to Iryo’s high-speed trains

6 December, 2023

The Spanish private high-speed train operator Iryo has announced that, from 10 December, it will operate a new cross route linking the north-east with the south of Spain, connecting Barcelona with Seville in around 5 hours 50 minutes. Tickets for this new route are available on the company’s website and at authorised points of sale.

The new route will have four daily frequencies - two outbound and two return - seven days a week, with stops in Zaragoza, Madrid (20 minutes), Cordoba and arrival in Seville and, additionally, between 15 June and 14 September 2024, one of the frequencies will also stop in Tarragona. Iryo will offer 673,060 seats per year on this route.

Overall, the trains leave Barcelona at 9:50 am arriving in Seville at 3:36 pm and depart at 1:45 pm with arrival at 7:39 pm. From the Andalusian capital to the Catalan capital, departures will be at 6:54 am with arrival at 12:45 pm and at 4:20 pm, arriving at 10:10 pm.