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40 years of the legendary Turespaña logo created by Miró

13 December, 2023

The Spanish Tourism Board (Turespaña) has launched an international advertising campaign to promote the 40th anniversary of its logo, a work by Joan Miró that was the first abstract symbol used in the world to identify a country’s brand.

Since the brilliant artist created this symbol, known as the Miró Sun, for Turespaña in 1983, the logo has become a recognisable and globally recognised image and has helped to enhance the country’s reputation. In this way, it has contributed incalculable intangible value to the tourism sector of Spain’s country brand.

With this international campaign, Turespaña wants to promote its logo and all that this symbol represents through an institutional video on websites and social networks, in addition to several advertorials in specialised media. The target countries for this campaign are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, the United States and China.

The Miró Sun was used for the first time in the campaign “Spain everything under the Sun”. Since then, Turespaña has promoted several advertising campaigns to publicise the country outside its borders, initially extolling its sun and beaches. Subsequently, the promotion of Spanish architecture, culture and leisure was promoted, until reaching the current moment, characterised by the promotion of sustainable tourism.