12.06.2024 | 18:32

Renfe modernises check-in at train stations in Spain

13 December, 2023

Renfe will modernise sales operations on board trains and the access check-in process at stations by introducing new terminals. This project will optimise access fraud control processes, the control of passenger presence on board Renfe trains and will facilitate the work of inspectors.

The aim of this renewal of terminals and integral management of communications is to improve the quality of service perceived by the customer and the provision of a personalised customer service. The terminals will be distributed in stations: 2,250 terminals for on-board staff and 2,300 thermal printers for ticket issuance.

As well as the installation of these terminals, Renfe will contract the management service, communications, technical support and maintenance of the hardware and mobile applications. In this way, the company is moving forward with digital transformation and innovation, with the aim of implementing new technologies by digitising all business processes.