23.06.2024 | 15:29

Spanish hotels win 17 out of 100 categories in the GrINN Awards 2023

20 December, 2023

Quartz Inn Hotels, the London-based collection of independent and sustainable hotels in Europe, has announced the winners of the 2nd edition of the European Sustainable Tourism Awards “GrINN Awards” 2023, recognising the great efforts in sustainability in the tourism sector of hundreds of hotels and tourism companies from 51 countries in Europe, who competed in 100 categories.

Spain stood out with the highest number of awards, specifically in 17/100 categories of the contest. Hotel chains such as Castilla Termal Hoteles and Posadas de España were among the winners, as well as 13 independent hotels and Spanish companies from different parts of the country.

The jury, made up of distinguished figures from the tourism sector, highlighted the importance of continuing to promote good environmental practices in the industry and recognising the efforts of companies in the field of sustainability.