15.06.2024 | 16:24

Madrid will be promoted as a luxury tourism destination

10 January, 2024

Madrid City Council is working to set up a High Impact Product Club that will continue to promote luxury tourism in the city of Madrid. This product club will bring together the city’s specialised, sustainable and diversified tourism offer, with excellence as a common denominator.

The aim is to integrate the main sub-sectors of this industry, from accommodation and incoming travel and events agencies to gastronomy, culture, shopping, sport and educational and health tourism. As well as promoting the creation of unique products and experiences, it will serve as a meeting forum for the different agents and will encourage the attraction of activities and events linked to this sector.

High impact is a segment that continues to grow in the Spanish capital. Madrid now has 39 five-star hotels and 64% of its total hotel rooms are in high-end establishments (4- and 5-star hotels), consolidating its position as the Spanish urban destination with the most hotel rooms in these two categories.