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The unexpected most desirable Spanish city in 2024, according to Booking

24 January, 2024

Booking has revealed the most desirable Spanish city to visit in 2024. Although Barcelona, Madrid and Palma are tourist hotspots par excellence, this time they are out of the top 1, ceding their place to the least expected place. The company has revealed that the favourite place to travel this year, for now, is Pontevedra. This “corner” of Galicia has overtaken other destinations highly frequented by international tourists, such as Magaluf (Mallorca) and Castelldefels (Barcelona).

After Pontevedra, Booking’s list includes the names of other popular places such as Madrid, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Murcia, Cádiz and Lugo. Not surprisingly, considering that many of these areas have a beach, a determining factor for many visitors.

© Turismo Rias Baixas

Note that Pontevedra offers three fabulous estuaries full of cliffs, islands, villages and dream beaches, an ideal place to spend a few days on holiday. Spectacular views, pleasant temperatures and truly exquisite food. Among the wonders of this Spanish city, we have the famous Cíes Islands, the Island of Ons or the village of Combarro.