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National Geographic : Granada’s 7 best ‘tapas’ bars

24 January, 2024

Granada is one of Spain’s most popular gastronomic destinations for tourists. This is mainly due to its tapas, which are the main attraction for those looking to enjoy lunch or dinner without spending a lot of money. However, naturally, not all bars offer tapas of the same quality.

In fact, there are some that stand out above the rest for being perfect spots for those looking to sample the best tapas in the city. The Travel section of the famous National Geographic website has recently published a list of the best tapas establishments in Granada.

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It is a list made up of a total of seven bars that are perfect for “enjoying a full lunch or dinner without spending too much money”. Establishments where you can enjoy the tapas culture that is so popular in the city, such as Taberna La Tana, Bar FM, Bar Kiki, Los Diamantes II, Saint Germain, La Botillería and Marisquería Cunini.