12.06.2024 | 17:35

Madrid’s new strategic plan to attract tourism

31 January, 2024

With the start of 2024, Madrid City Council’s Tourism Department has drawn up a new strategic plan for the sector for the coming years. The new strategy will focus above all on geographical and thematic diversification, seeking new poles of attraction to the city and new market niches and deseasonalisation.

The plan has been drawn up in collaboration with the private sector and will integrate all the areas represented by this industry, which is the most strategic and cross-cutting industry in the Spanish capital and accounts for 12% of the gross domestic product, directly, but indirectly, 22%.

Some of the lines of action that will be undertaken throughout 2024 with the aim of consolidating the new tourism model launched by the council include giving visibility to the values of other areas of the capital, such as the neighbourhoods of Usera and Carabanchel and even the city’s quintas or country houses which offer tourism in contact with nature.