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The 5 Spanish destinations with most tourists by April

14 February, 2024

Which Spanish destinations will be most visited in the first months of 2024? A TravelgateX report, prepared for Fitur, shows the main trends according to the bookings made through this b2b platform for stays in Spain between January and April.

Madrid stands out as having the most bookings in January. Las Palmas occupies first position in February and March and the Balearic Islands enters the ranking for April as the most booked Spanish destination so far in the marketplace,” explains the company.

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According to TravelgateX, the provinces with the highest volume of bookings to date with arrival dates between January and April 2024 are:

  1. Las Palmas

  2. Madrid

  3. Barcelona

  4. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

  5. Malaga