16.04.2024 | 23:07

How many pet-friendly beaches are there in Spain and where are they?

6 March, 2024

More and more travellers do not want to be separated from their furry friends when they go on holiday. And an increasing number of beaches are opening their doors so that they can enjoy the sun and sea together. In this article we list the best beaches in Spain for travelling that allow pets in 2024, what requirements you must meet and the pros and cons of this trend.

In Spain, the Coastal Law, which regulates the use and protection of the coastline, does not expressly prohibit or allow dogs on beaches. But it delegates this power to the local councils, which are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and health of bathing areas, as well as providing information on their characteristics, infrastructures and safety measures.

According to data from the specialised website RedCanina.es, in 2024 there are over 120 official dog beaches in Spain, spread across 15 autonomous communities. The regions with the most dog-friendly beaches are the Valencian Community, with 33, and Andalusia, with 32. They are followed by Catalonia, with 19 and Galicia, with 11.