17.04.2024 | 10:40

Europeans prefer to travel to Spain in 2024

20 March, 2024

Europeans are confident in their spending power when it comes to travel in 2024, despite cost of living pressures across the continent, according to the latest report from the hotelier Accor. More than half of respondents (54%) believe they will have a larger travel budget this year than in 2023. And Spain is the preferred country for European travellers.

Of the nationalities surveyed (UK, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy), Germans are the most positive about their financial situation, with 61% of them expecting an increase in their budget. As for the British, 47% also believe that their holiday possibilities will improve this year.

In terms of the number of trips, the figure is expected to increase over last year for international leisure travel, as well as those combined with bleisure. In fact, 19% of European travellers expect to make such a trip by 2024. Among the preferred destinations, Spain stands out with 23% preference among Europeans.