12.07.2024 | 23:51

Valencia Culinary Festival to combine haute cuisine and sustainability

20 March, 2024

The seventh edition of the Valencia Culinary Festival will kick off on 16 May, organised by Valencia Premium in collaboration with Turisme Comunitat Valenciana. A festival that will once again make the Valencian capital shine with a wide variety of gastronomic experiences designed for the most hedonistic palates and also for those who wish to get started in haute cuisine.

For 10 days, more than 30 activities will take place, such as four-handed menus with international chefs, workshops that bring together knowledge or tastings of prestigious local wineries. These are all unique experiences that transcend the restaurants themselves and lead us to explore unexpected environments.

Valencia Culinary has always been committed to working in sustainable code, backed by the DNA of the participating restaurants. Sustainability is a value that is incorporated every year in the design of the experiences that are created specifically for the festival and which take on even more meaning this year when Valencia has been chosen as European Green Capital in 2024.