17.04.2024 | 10:16

Volotea flies with 50% sustainable fuel

27 March, 2024

The airline Volotea has completed its first flight with 50% SAF fuel supplied by Repsol, marking a new milestone towards the decarbonisation of the airline industry. The route selected for this event was the new connection between Madrid and the Region of Murcia, inaugurated last December.

Since 2022, this airline has been working firmly towards integrating sustainable aviation fuels in its fleet, in collaboration with various suppliers. So Volotea’s first flight with 50% SAF (the maximum allowed by current certifications) is part of an agreement reached with the supplier.

According to studies by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), SAFs can reduce CO₂emissions by up to 80% throughout their life cycle. In this regard, the ReFuelEU Aviation regulation establishes that by 2030, airlines must incorporate 6% of SAF in their flights, and by 2050, the percentage rises to 70%.