22.05.2024 | 03:25

A Mallorcan village, the most beautiful in the world says NatGeo

10 April, 2024

National Geographic has awarded a charming village in Mallorca the title of the most beautiful village in the world, a recognition that highlights not only the island’s natural beauty but also the unique character of its small villages. Valldemossa, whose name resonates with echoes of history and culture, has earned a place in the hearts of travellers and locals alike.

The beauty of this Mallorcan village lies not only in its picturesque streets and breathtaking views, but also in the way the community has preserved its identity over the years. For tourism professionals, this recognition opens up new possibilities to promote sustainable and responsible tourism.

© Ayuntamiento de Valldemossa

This corner of Mallorca remains true to its roots, offering an authentic experience for those who are looking for more than just sun and beach on their travels. The conservation of its heritage and natural environment, together with the warmth of its inhabitants, makes it a destination that transcends the conventional, inviting you to explore the beauty of Mallorca beyond its well-known coasts.