23.05.2024 | 14:25

Benidorm to have 20 new hotels with up to 20 floors

10 April, 2024

The coastal town of Benidorm, on the Costa Blanca, has given the green light to the last big pool of land for development in the Levante area, where there will be plots to build twenty new hotels, with a minimum height of 20 floors, according to the Town Hall.

The municipal approval of this initiative is already definitive, the final version has been given the name of Plan Parcial 1/1 Ensanche Levante. Now, the owners of the land will be able to start the procedures for the drafting of the urbanisation and re-parcelling project for the sector, which occupies an area of 575,371.20 m2 of land.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, explained that “this is the most important urban development sector of the municipality in terms of surface area of those included in the 1990 General Plan”. The partial plan will allocate a total of 65% of the land for public facilities and green areas and 35% for the construction of residential and tourist housing and hotels.