22.05.2024 | 04:50

Barcelona hosts a McDonalds convention with 14,000 participants

17 April, 2024

Some 14,000 employees, franchisees and suppliers from all over the world of the fast food restaurant chain McDonalds have gathered in Barcelona for its convention, which is being held for the first time outside North America. The Fira de Barcelona exhibition centre hosted the 30th edition of this international event, which takes place every two years, from 8 to 11 April.

The announcement of the event in the Catalan capital was made in September 2022 by McDonald's president and CEO Chris Kempczinski, and has been interpreted as a show of support for the company's structure in Europe and Spain. Previously, the convention has been held in Las Vegas, Toronto, Chicago and Hawaii.

McDonalds' first global convention took place in Florida (USA) in 1965, when the company had 738 restaurants on US soil. The brand is now present in more than a hundred countries with more than 40,000 restaurants open. Spain ranked 13th in the ranking, with 557 restaurants.