23.05.2024 | 14:17

Galicia gives sustainable tourism a boost with a product club

24 April, 2024

As a sign of the commitment to sustainability of the Galician tourism sector, the Sustainable Galicia Destination product club has been launched, an initiative of the Galician Tourism Cluster which is financed by the regional government, with the participation of accommodation, restaurants, travel agencies and other complementary services companies.

The club’s purpose is to bring together the region’s sustainable offer so that visitors can enjoy an experience committed to local development, good use of natural resources and support for culture, historical heritage and tradition. At the moment there are already 90 member companies, but it is not a closed project, more companies will join to expand and strengthen the network.

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Each of them publishes their sustainable experiences on the product club's website, which “is not a sales centre, it aims to be a showcase for all the sustainable tourism on offer in Galicia”, the Tourism Cluster explains. They also indicate that if the published products do not meet the customer’s needs, companies can offer alternatives.