23.05.2024 | 13:41

More and more British tourists enjoy wine tourism in Catalonia

24 April, 2024

43% of visitors to Catalonia’s wineries are international tourists, according to a report by the Catalan Tourism Agency, ACT, with data from the 2023 financial year. The first edition of the study “The profile of visitors to wineries in Catalonia” was carried out in 2018 with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the characteristics of visitors to wineries.

“After five years, the data has been updated so that the sector can better structure its offer and better serve the wine tourism visitor during their stay,” the ACT explains. Thus, the 2023 report reveals that almost half of wine tourism visitors to Catalonia are Catalan (46%), 11% come from the rest of Spain and 43% are international, mainly European (37%).

Wine tourists in Catalonia are over 40 years old (80%) with an average age of 50. They mainly travel with friends (36%), although they also travel as a couple (31%), and 65% travel in organised groups.