23.05.2024 | 13:46

NatGeo: The best gastronomic destination in Spain 2024

1 May, 2024

The National Geographic Travel Readers’ Choice Awards 2024, divided into five mentions and fifteen categories of themes such as gastronomy, accommodation, destinations, tourism projects, locations and airlines from all over the world, in which 75 candidates participated.

Cordoba was the winner of the “Best Gastronomic Destination in Spain” category, demonstrating its great culinary value. Here you can eat traditional dishes such as oxtail stew or salmorejo cordobés, the province’s best-known dish, although there are others that are not far behind and are the result of the mixture of Mozarabic, Jewish and Andalusian cultures, such as pestiños, local cake, flamenquines, alfajores or lamb with honey.

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The taverns, some of which are historic, characterise Cordoba’s gastronomy. Places for tapas, meeting and gatherings where you can savour the cuisine. One of the best known is the Taberna Miguel, affectionately known as Casa Pisto, or the Taberna Salinas, where many stars have passed through, even the Rincón de las Beatillas, where it smells of tripe and fried fish.