23.05.2024 | 14:40

Madrid uses a virtual assistant with AI to inspire tourists

1 May, 2024

The city of Madrid opens a new communication channel with its visitors through VisitMadridGPT, a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence (AI) created by the City Council to inspire tourists. This technological tool interacts with travellers by answering their questions about Madrid during their stay or before their visit.

The new virtual assistant prepares recommendations and personalised plans using the capital's official tourism portal as the only source of information. This website has a large database with tourist resources and an extensive calendar of events in the city, as well as thematic content to discover its different facets.

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The launch of this tool is part of the development of the digital transformation axis of the capital’s Strategic Tourism Plan. With this resource, we can integrate this recent and revolutionary technological innovation in a project that allows deeper, more advanced interaction and knowledge of the travellers in the Spanish capital.