23.05.2024 | 14:25

88.3% Tourist satisfaction in Gran Canaria

8 May, 2024

The tourism analysis platform Travelyze has studied the characteristics and behaviour of European travellers in Gran Canaria in the 2023 financial year. This report indicates that 27.5% of European travellers have already visited the island and that the island has a level of loyalty, with 44.8% of these travellers admitting that they want to return.

In first place among the catalysts of the journey for those who have already visited the destination are gastronomic experiences, followed by outdoor and nature experiences, cultural and historical experiences, and in fourth place interest in going to the beach. Preferred accommodation: 3- and 4-star hotels as the top choice for 47.9% of European customers.

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Furthermore, the study also indicates that 73.6% of European travellers are aware of Gran Canaria as a tourist destination. And that 88.3% of European travellers have a positive perception of Gran Canaria. 54.1% of these travellers are interested in visiting Gran Canaria at some point in the future with 19.4% within the next three years.