22.05.2024 | 03:22

Iberia Express to open a Canary Islands-Madrid shuttle this summer

8 May, 2024

The airline Iberia Express has announced a 15% increase in capacity in the Canary Islands this summer and will offer more than two million seats. Specifically, it will operate up to 10 daily flights each way between Gran Canaria and Madrid and up to nine between Tenerife North and Madrid, covering all daily slots and allowing the best connections.

These are the airline’s largest capacity routes, which, according to the company, will now also have a product that brings them closer to the flexibility of the Air Shuttle, which benefits above all the travel of Canary Island residents and corporate clients, as well as certain types of tourists.

Iberia Express launched its summer 2024 programme in April, with a capacity measured in seats per kilometre offered which was 8% higher than that planned in 2023 and 32% more than in 2019, reinforcing its commitment to the Canaries and Balearic Islands.