23.06.2024 | 17:06

Spain Is Excellence boosts Spanish gastronomy with an event

22 May, 2024

The SIExquisito event was held recently and highlighted the excellence and diversity of Spanish gastronomy, leaving attendees with a memorable experience and a deep appreciation for the country’s culinary culture. It was attended by agencies, managers and CEOs of prominent companies, representatives of institutions and embassies, as well as members of the food and lifestyle press.

3 gourmet experiences in SIExquisito

  1. Thyssen museum: Art&Wine.Madrid Tour. A journey through the history of wine in Spain, complemented by tapas at the Mercado San Miguel and the artistic experience of the Thyssen Museum’s highlights.

  2. Costa del Sol Un Festín para los Sentidos [A Feast for the Senses]. The culinary richness of Malaga and Costa del Sol through its terroir, wines selected by sommelier Julián San Juan and exquisite Payoyo D.O. cheeses.

  3. Villas Alondra Lanzarote: Las Joyas Culinarias de Lanzarote [The Culinary Jewels of Lanzarote]. Three iconic gastronomic products that represent the culinary luxury of this Canary Island. Uga Salmon, Black Cherne and Los Valles potatoes are renowned for their quality and flavour, making them true culinary jewels.