23.06.2024 | 16:33

The three Spanish regions that account for 50% of all bookings

5 June, 2024

Three regions are leading hotel bookings in Spain so far in 2024, especially since the beginning of April, once the Easter period has passed. During this time, these three destinations account for approximately half of the hotel bookings for accommodation in the country.

The data corresponds to brokered hotel bookings made on the b2b TravelgateX platform during the week of 13-19 May. Among the most booked destinations, Andalusia (with a market share of 18.9% of hotel bookings), Catalonia (17.8%) and the Balearic Islands (15.6%) stand out.

These three regions are the same ones that week after week, since 1 April, remain on the podium of the most booked destinations. Over the last month and a half, Catalonia and Andalusia have alternated between first and second place, while the Balearic Islands have remained in third place since the end of Easter.

Regions with the highest concentration of hotel bookings in Spain

  • Andalusia +22.9%

  • Catalonia +19.8%

  • Balearics +25.8%

  • Canary Isles +14.4%

  • Region of Madrid +31.8%

  • Region of Valencia +13.6%

  • Galicia -1.9%

  • Castilla y León +18.0%

  • Basque country +72.9%

  • Asturias +22.9%