23.06.2024 | 15:49

New sustainable platform for second-hand hotel equipment

5 June, 2024

The hotel sustainability start-up Eco-One has launched a platform for buying and selling second-hand furniture, which aims to become a kind of online marketplace that allows hotels to sell their equipment to other establishments and thus contribute to circularity. Following an agreement, HOSBEC, the Valencian Community’s hotel employers’ association, will disseminate this initiative among its associates.

On average, hotels carry out renovations every three years and the surplus furniture ends up taking up space in warehouses or is thrown out, creating a pollution problem. The project was created to respond to this reality by selling equipment that is no longer in use to other interested hotels, which benefit from better prices.

Eco-One, which already has a purchasing centre for sustainable products for hotels, is expanding its range with this platform. According to the start-up, the main reasons for selling these items include freeing up space, carrying out sustainability actions and making a profit on furniture and products that would otherwise be discarded.