23.06.2024 | 17:29

A new Baleària sustainable fast ferry to connect Mallorca and Barcelona

12 June, 2024

The Baleària ferry 'Margarita Salas' has carried out the first navigation tests, which are part of the final phase of the construction of the vessel, which the shipping company expects to receive at the end of June. It is the second fast ferry with dual natural gas engines in the world, which is being built at the Armón shipyard in Gijón.

The high-speed vessel will connect Mallorca, Menorca and Barcelona on a daily basis throughout the year. This ship, which has involved an investment of 126 million euros, stands out for its sustainability by sailing on natural gas and also for the comfort and features on board.

© Baleària

The 'Margarita Salas' has a capacity for 1,200 passengers and 450 vehicles, the same as its twin 'Eleanor Roosevelt', but it adds a second passenger deck with a seating lounge, so that the areas inside are more spacious. In addition, the aft sundeck is larger and a more comfortable seating model is included in the VIP lounge.