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Madrid's plan to reduce its carbon footprint from tourism

26 June, 2024

The Local Tourism Council of the city of Madrid has presented the sustainability plan with which the capital will mitigate the carbon footprint derived from tourism activity. This advisory body makes effective the public-private collaboration between the City Council and the Madrid tourism sector to promote Madrid as a destination.

Madrid City Council's sustainability policies "are pioneering and an example in the world", according to the institution, which has indicated that they will emphasise environmental sustainability, "with the development of a project to measure, reduce and compensate the carbon footprint through the European Union's Next Generation Funds".

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The Council noted that sustainable tourism "will help to maintain a better reputation for the destination, in line with the growing interest of travellers in these policies" and pointed out that "already last year 78% of travellers planned to stay in environmentally friendly hotels by 2024".