13.07.2024 | 07:42

There are 271 Michelin stars in Spain, divided up like this:

3 July, 2024

There are a total of 271 Michelin stars in Spain, distributed among 224 haute cuisine restaurants, 31 of which won the award for the first time this year. The breakdown is as follows: the total number corresponds to the number of gastronomic temples that have at least one star, while 32 of them have a second star and, of these, 15 actually correspond to the highest category, having achieved the third star.

In 2024, two more restaurants have reached the gastronomic Olympus of three stars, joining this exclusive group. These are the Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona, with three chefs at the helm, and Noor, in Cordoba, with chef Paco Morales. With its 2 stars, it has added a new incorporation, with Daroca de Rioja as its setting. This is the Venta Moncalvillo establishment.

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In terms of regions, Catalonia remains the culinary epicentre of Spanish gastronomy, while the Balearic Islands and Madrid continue to be in constant effervescence, with several new additions to the selection. Andalusia also shines with more award-winning restaurants.