13.07.2024 | 07:23

When will Spain become the world’s number 1 tourist destination?

10 July, 2024

Spain will overtake France as the world’s number one destination by volume of international tourists in 2040, according to the report "Travellers and NextGen Destinations", carried out jointly by Google and Deloitte, which concludes that Spain will be the most visited tourist destination in 2040, with 110 million arrivals, followed by France (105 million) and the USA (100 million).

In 2023, France was once again the country with the highest number of foreign tourists in the world. Spain is in second place, but it is moving further and further away from the third country in the race, the USA, which has not yet recovered its pre-pandemic figures.

In any case, although France is the country that receives the most foreign tourists in the world, it ranks fourth in terms of tourism income. The ranking of the world’s top foreign tourism earners is led by the USA, which earned $176 billion in 2023, followed by Spain ($92 billion) and the United Kingdom ($74 billion).