13.07.2024 | 09:00

How Madrid will achieve a sustainable tourism management model

10 July, 2024

Madrid is successfully moving towards a new model, in which the value of economic impact takes precedence over the volume of visitors. In fact, revenues have soared, while maintaining a similar number of travellers as in 2019, before the pandemic. Progress has also been made in the deseasonalisation of tourist activity, with good occupancy even in summer.

But in order for Madrid “not to die of success” and “not to be a passing fad”, according to the city’s mayor, José Luis Marínez-Almeida, at the second edition of the Madrid City Tourism Forum, the Spanish capital is launching the 2024-2027 Strategic Plan.

Almeida stressed that in Madrid “there is harmony and coexistence between the tourism model and the citizens, who value the importance of the tourism sector for the city”. Therefore, they will continue to work with the motto “we will be the best city to come to, if we are the best city to live in”. With this objective in mind, the Spanish capital is committed to sustainable development that respects its inhabitants.