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Madrid is the most sustainable urban destination in the world

9 March, 2022

The capital of Spain, Madrid, has emerged in recent years as an urban destination. After overcoming the worst of the pandemic, new plans are being implemented to establish it among the cities that lead this segment worldwide. In fact, in 2022 it occupies fourth place in the ranking, noting that it actually tops the ranking in terms of sustainability.

And, in terms of policies and tourist appeal, Madrid is the number three city in the world. The multiple initiatives to stimulate luxury and business trips, as well as to expand its range of hotels, are contributing to improving its image as an urban destination. And, precisely, it was the prestigious National Geographic magazine, which placed it in fourth place.

Thus, In terms of sustainability, Madrid has surpassed cities such as London, New York and Berlin, which have a proven reputation as urban destinations, being the elite of that tourist segment. And it also leaves behind other very important cities for the traveller, such as Stockholm, Dublin or Brussels, thanks especially to factors related to overtourism and because it has more UNESCO heritage sites.

Regarding policies and tourist appeal, Madrid has risen nine places compared to 2020, a more than remarkable evolution. Only Amsterdam, Dubai and Paris have managed to position themselves ahead of the Spanish capital, in a 'Top Ten' in which another Spanish city, Barcelona, occupies tenth place.