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Iberostar hotels are preparing to become waste-free

9 March, 2022

One of the most important challenges in hospitality is ensuring that a hotel properly processes all of its waste. You can imagine the challenge that this represents for an entire hotel chain. However, the Spanish Iberostar has accepted it and, in its commitment to sustainability, has established the '3R' department in 17 of its establishments.

The hotels that have ‘3R’ teams undertake to 'Reduce', 'Reuse' and 'Recycle' everything that is likely to go through these processes. This is an ambitious goal that will culminate when Iberostar is a waste-free hotel group in 2025. That is the objective of the company, and they are very clear about it.

It should be noted that along with 17 of the chain’s hotels in Spain that have been equipped with a '3R' department, we should also include another 24 from the same group in the Americas, which also contribute to drastically reducing the amount of waste that ends up being disposed of, and they do so by correctly sorting out and recycling more accurately. More than 130 people make up the Iberostar workforce dedicated to this purpose.

The 3R teams incorporate the principles of the circular economy and are responsible for separating, weighing and analysing the waste products that enter into and are used in the Iberostar hotels with the aim of finding a value for them once they are used. This dynamic is what is called the 'circular economy', a concept that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the Spanish hotel sector.

These new 3R teams have already been implemented in 7 Iberostar hotels in the Balearic Islands, 2 in Andalusia and 8 in the Canary Islands. With its presence in the Americas, the group has introduced these departments in 11 of its hotels in Mexico, 3 in Jamaica, 7 in the Dominican Republic and 3 in Brazil.