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Chefs and designers, Spain is betting on gastronomic creativity

9 March, 2022

Spanish cuisine has an increasingly international presence, in the country there is great enthusiasm to enhance its range of gastronomy and professionals are integrating themselves into all the trends to explore their potential to the fullest. This is the case of food design, a unique discipline that brings together two different worlds that are clearly interconnected.

The point of the fusion of cooking and design is, logically, creativity. According to this trend, the important thing is to put aside the conventional and to transform food from conceptualisation, entering into a process where it is vital to combine innovation and production aimed at the consumer. What is created should be eaten and enjoyed.

And in Spain they have taken it seriously. This same year, a meeting was held at the end of January in Pamplona (Navarra), where several activities were conducted that addressed ‘food design’ with the aim of raising awareness among haute cuisine professionals. At these meetings, in addition to chefs, designers, advertisers and foodies have participated.

One of the issues that became clear during the days of the so-called Nort Festival was that gastronomic design is, in fact, a growing trend in Spain. After discovering the considerable interest that exists in this type of culinary innovation - tickets to the conferences and workshops were sold out - now all that remains is to continue to improve upon this fusion of concepts. This will be another reason to visit the country in the coming years.