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Correos will take luggage to the pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago

9 March, 2022

The thousand-year-old Camino de Santiago may be travelled for many reasons, not just religious ones. That is the reason why walkers from all over Europe - even from all over the world - come to this route to enjoy a few days or weeks of physical activity in the heart of nature. But, is it really necessary to have to carry luggage the whole time? Is there any way to lighten the load?

The answer to these questions is a resounding 'yes' as of this year, thanks to an agreement reached between Correos, Spain's public postal service, and the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT). Both entities have agreed to work together to improve the travel experience of tourists in Spain.

In a year of the Xacobeo, like 2022, the Camino de Santiago is especially busy. Therefore, it is the ideal time to launch this new initiative, which is called 'EquipPaq24', and it involves the pickup and delivery of suitcases from one point to another in Spain within 24 hours.

Elaborating on the above, pilgrims will be especially interested in the 'Paq Mochila' –a luggage transport service from one accommodation to another-, the 'Paq Peregrino' –the delivery of luggage and packages to any point on the Camino de Santiago- or the 'Paq Bicicleta', a bicycle delivery service at the beginning of the route or picking it up it at the end of the Camino.

All the information about these and other services offered by Correos for the Camino de Santiago is available on a specific web page, where the pilgrim can also find a place to sleep in a search engine with more than 4,000 accommodations, a description of the most popular Jacobean Routes and more than 300 tips on what to see and do while traveling the route.