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This is how Spain is promoting sustainable gastronomy in 2022

23 March, 2022

Spain is working hard to ensure its agri-food production sector and the hospitality industry are working together towards sustainability in everything they do. And as a result, the Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy has chosen the city of Zaragoza as the ‘Ibero-American Capital of Sustainable Gastronomy'.

The programme of activities and events that this capital status entails will begin in June and last until 2023. The aim, as the Academy explained, is to recognise gastronomic excellence as an example of culture and as a “vehicle for transformation, wealth and socio-cultural connection between regions and countries”.

The attraction of visitors to the city, the organisation of gastronomic, entertainment and cultural activities, the promotion of local cuisine and local and zero-kilometre products, the mitigation of carbon footprint impact, and training within the sector are all primary objectives in Zaragoza at a time when countries are recognising the importance of the ecological transition.

Some of the initiatives involved will include the optimisation of food waste; the development of a traditional cookbook using a calendar of seasonal garden produce; and the creation of an innovative Ibero-American map of sustainable gastronomy.