23.05.2024 | 14:39

Each Spanish hotel captures more than 1,500 hours of solar energy per year

6 April, 2022

In a medium-high size hotel, with at least 85 rooms, annual energy consumption reaches 550 MWh. If an accommodation with this profile were to opt for a solar self-consumption formula, it would instantly self-supply at least 25% of this energy consumption, considering they enjoy more than 1,500 hours of solar exposure per year.

Taking these calculations into account, by 2022 the hotel sector could become one of the primary industries leading the way with its commitment to clean renewable energies. The infrastructure of this type of establishment, with large areas suitable for self-consumption facilities, together with the high degree of sunlight in Spain, the highest in Europe, places the Spanish hotel industry in a privileged position to make a definitive commitment to the energy transition.

The energy crisis we’re living through today, with constant price rises, is pushing the sector to explore new, more competitive energy options. Faced with this situation, a commitment to solar energy is becoming an increasingly attractive prospect for attaining sustainable economic competitiveness.

Aware of this, Imagina Energía, the first 100% solar energy company in Spain, set out to analyse the potential of the industry in Spain based on self-consumption energy options that would not only strengthen the competitiveness of hotels, but their sustainability plans too, with significant reductions in their environmental footprint and CO2 emissions.