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Spanish hotels get ready to help anxious guests

13 April, 2022

The changes in consumer habits and access to up-to-the-minute information have shaped an anxious hotel guest’s profile who seeks for immediate solutions. This trend, which started some years ago, has been emphasised since the beginning of the pandemic. Needless to say, Spanish hotels are being adapted to this fact.

The most remarkable guests’ requests, which are already being dealt with by the hotels together with specialised technological companies, refer to aspects such as making check-in easier, giving a response to the most frequently asked questions in an automatised way during the stay, doing an up-selling services with customised proposals, or programming different messages for different sectors, thus accelerating the congestion during peak times.

Some successful cases show that there are hotels which achieved a secure management of the stays during the pandemic, thanks to guests programming their arrival so as to provide them with information about security measures and accepting limitations such as closed restaurants, as their perception was that the hotel looked after their security. This is a clear example of how negative elements become positive ones thanks to a pro-active communication.