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50 activities in Menorca to celebrate its Gastronomy European Region

13 April, 2022

The island of Menorca has been elected as 2022 Gastronomy European Region and thus a good deal of activities related to cuisine are being carried out, up to a total of 50 at the end of the year, as did Coimbra, Slovenia and Catalonia, its predecessors in this recognition.

All along 2022, Menorca will promote its local food products, among which the cheese from Mahón -with its own Certificate of Origin- highlights, but also dishes made from fresh fish and seafood, such as “caldereta”, whereas autochthonous red beef highlights among meat products.

To sum up, the idea is to show the island’s gastronomical culture to the world through what its restoration establishments and specialised food shops offer. It is expected to serve as a lure for international tourists who look for something more than a summer holiday.