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The Spanish extra offer adapted to the new likes of the British

20 April, 2022

In line with the tourist expenditure which has been noticed among international tourists arriving in Spain in the last years, the extra offer is overgoing an adaptation process so as to achieve an increase in sales. We are talking about amusement parks, trips, sports and culture events as well as a wide variety of activities.

This positive evolution has been confirmed by the data published by the Tourist Expenditure Survey (EGATUR), which show that the main expense of the international tourists visiting our country was in activities (both sports and cultural), which represented 21.2% of the total amount and an increase of 71.6% with respect to 2020. This line item was followed by accommodation and provisions, which meant 18.8% and 17.2% of the total amount, respectively.

Some specialised companies such as Dome Consulting consider that the expense in extra offer has been higher due to the health crisis in the last two years, as many tourists chose travelling by car and looked for lodging alternatives, whereas, before the pandemic, air travel and hotels were the main tourists’ expenses.

However, this new reality is marking a change in the travellers’ behaviour and, due to this fact, the commercialisation of the Spanish extra offer is being quickly adapted to it.

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