23.05.2024 | 14:33

Three themed markets in a city: Ancient Rome, Cervantes, and Christmas

20 April, 2022

Tourists love visiting local markets on their holidays. In the city of Alcalá de Henares (30 km from Madrid and very well connected to the capital city) they can enjoy up to three of them, with the distinctive feature that all of them are themed: Ancient Rome, Cervantes’ life, and the always magical Christmas market.

This way, the beautiful streets and squares of this university city will be all dressed up to revive distinguished literature, drama and culture characters, artists companies who take the visitors to another era and tell them how life was in ancient times. All this ornated with lights and illusions that recall peace, magic, presents, joy, and holidays times.

Alcalá is like something out of a film, with streets and squares all dressed up and decorated with lights and dreams giving life to three historical markets that light up the city’s soul and offer a unique form of entertainment.

The novelty this year is the market “Complutum Renacido” (“Complutum Re-born”), which recalls the birth of the city during the classic era. Tourists will be taken to these mythical times thanks to dozens of performances, street stalls, historical recreations, hundreds of characters, stages, workshops, games, music, products and nine of the best Roman world recreationist drama companies in Europe. Ancient Rome is an era that can be seen all throughout the city, and which will be the protagonist from April 29th to May 2nd.