22.05.2024 | 02:54

Catalonia is the region with the greatest camping offer in Spain

27 April, 2022

The Catalan Camping Association has reported that this type of accommodation is a sector with great strength and is a benchmark both nationally and internationally. The 243 establishments represented by this association ̶ which offer 226,858 vacancies ̶ have withstood the crisis derived from the pandemic better than other sectors, as well as the resulting impact on tourism in general.

This fact, together with new tourist habits after the pandemic, including a preference for being in contact with nature, has meant that establishments, traditionally family-run companies settled in the area, have started to awaken the interest of foreign investment funds.

The relative weight of the camping sector in Catalonia within the whole tourist industry reached 31% during 2020 and 2021, and has increased 10% with respect to 2019, according to data from Caixabank. They also place Catalan campsites in the leading position regarding total vacancies in Spain (271,419 vacancies, 35% of the sector’s total in Spain) as well as establishment capacity (941 vacancies, whereas the average in Spain is 645 vacancies).