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Versatile and multigenerational hotels, the new trends in Spain

4 May, 2022

The future of the hotel industry lies on the maximum versatility both inside and outside the establishments, as well as adapting them to a customer’s range that can cover a wide array of generations. These are the main conclusions reached by the experimental “Techroom to live in by ITH”, an experience that is held every year at the Hostelco show ̶ and which takes place at the beginning of April ̶ where the latest developments in the industry are shown.

This multipurpose space, developed by the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT) alongside the Technological Hotel Institute (ITH), integrates the latest technology with a comfortable and sustainable design, to offer experiences that connect generations. Classic meets modern and services meet the needs of any type of guests.

Different innovative solutions integrated with each other have been recreated in a showroom in cooperation with a variety of Spanish leading companies of the sector. From retro arcade machines to a bar tended only by robots, facial recognition room access or beds with an electrical elevation system, which ease resting, cleanliness, and order in the room, to mention justa few. Anything goes in the “Techroom to live in by ITH”.