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Springtime, the best time of the year to enjoy asparagus from Navarre

4 May, 2022

Harvesting of the famous “Espárrago de Navarra” (“Asparagus from Navarre”) started at the end of March and in April 202 it’s now in full swing. It is a very appreciated produce in Spain and all-around Europe, worth knowing because of its quality, recognized by its own Protected Geographical Identification, even if one has to travel from afar.

Asparagus under the “Asparagus from Navarre” PGI, one of the brands belonging to the “Reyno Gourmet” seal, has white colouring, a smooth texture, scarce or non-existent stringiness and a perfect soft-bitter balance on the palate, due mainly to the cold nights in the area where it is produced, the good water quality and the farming systems used to obtain it.

In recent years, sales of fresh produce known as Navarre’s “white gold” has increased notably, although its tinned version is still the primary destination for most of the production. In any case, whether fresh or tinned, , as the star ingredient or a side dich, the produce is hugely popular at estaurants in the region.