25.02.2024 | 10:22

Madrid wants MICE tourism to offset its carbon footprint

18 May, 2022

Madrid City Council has announced that it is redoubling its commitment to professional events in the MICE sector that leave a positive social and environmental footprint on the city. Through the Madrid Convention Bureau (MCB), the city is beginning to host events such as Madrid Business Meetings, an exemplary meeting from the point of view of sustainability and legacy.

Its planning and development has been carried out with the help of PLUS (Platform for Legacy with Us), a pioneering digital platform in Spain launched by the MCB that assists organisers in the efficient and responsible management of their event, contributing to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

Madrid Business Meetings has limited the use of polluting vehicles in the programme. They have also used no non-reusable plastics, market products and zero kilometre products for catering services. Furthermore, they have prioritised the use of natural light and ventilation, offered only digital content ('paperless is better') and publicly communicated to participants the sustainable measures carried out at the meeting, in addition to other measures related to gender equality. This is the way forward.