26.02.2024 | 10:00

The Spanish hotel sector is becoming more and more digitalised

18 May, 2022

The Spanish government has launched the first call for subsidies to help small Spanish companies, including hoteliers, to digitalise. These companies are part of a tourism industry that is increasingly aware of the value technology can bring to its day-to-day operations and is willing to invest in it to improve customer experience and facilitate employees’ workload.

Now, one of the challenges is to train people how to use the new tools. The key to tackling this is to have management software that helps to manage the workload and automate processes, saving time and resources that can be invested in smarter and more sustainable time management.

This will put hotel SMEs on an equal footing, because large hotel chains have more resources and means to advance in their digitalisation process, while SMEs are still lagging behind. For this reason, the objective is to provide them with advanced technologies and tools that are flexible, efficient and economical at the same time.