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Palma, Barcelona & Valencia embark on a new culinary adventure

25 May, 2022

The cities of Palma, Barcelona and Valencia have come together for a common goal of promoting themselves as the gastronomic hub of the Mediterranean diet. They did so by presenting their project in Brussels through the medium of their tourism bodies with a proposal to promote the three destinations across Europe as ideal spots to enjoy culinary tourism.

The three tourist cities “identified an opportunity to use Next Generation funds to incentivise the circular and local economies to the maximum while working across a common sector that is set to be promoted both in Spain and internationally as a key selling point for visiting the country”, explained Pedro Homar, Director of Palma’s Fundación 365.

The idea will be brought to life through the design of holiday packages specifically focused on culinary experiences, without ruling out the enjoyment of other activities. This allows for the diversification of tourism and making the industry less reliant on seasonal factors. The project has sought funds from the EU in order to start putting the ideas into practice and the relevant organism will announce its decision on whether to provide funding in September.