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High-up and outdoors, this summer’s ‘terracing’ trend

6 July, 2022

One of the best ways to enjoy the summer holidays in Spain is to experience the ‘terraceo’ trend. That’s to say, to go ‘terracing’, spending long days relaxing on bar terraces – which are often in hotels – having drinks, and enjoying light bites to eat. It’s something that can be done alone, as a couple, with the family, or with friends. And it’s a must-do in Spain.

In recent years, roof top terraces have become particularly fashionable, and more and more establishments are joining the trend. These are exclusive spaces located at the top of buildings in cities and tourist areas, offering peace and quiet, excellent views, unique and pleasant atmospheres, and an excellent selection of cocktails and refreshing drinks.

Moving away from their traditional street-side location, terraces are now perched on rooftops and verandas to attract customers to the open air, with relaxing panoramic views and summer breezes, and sometimes even a swimming pool. It’s a trend that not only helps combat the summer heat, but works well with the health measures introduced in the wake of the pandemic.