12.07.2024 | 22:09

Turespaña works with hotels to develop LGBTIQ+ tourism

13 July, 2022

The Spanish Tourism Institute, Turespaña, has signed an agreement with Booking.com to help publicise its Travel Proud initiative among Spanish accommodation providers. The programme, launched two years ago, helps to improve the LGBTIQ+ community’s experience when travelling and staying in establishments.

The Travel Proud programme consists of a 75-minute webinar in English that shares tools and keys to developing technical skills to improve the service and experience for the group. The webinar is free for the platform’s accommodation providers, who must commit to putting it into practice and making use of the materials and resources provided so that all staff can access the training.

Spain, according to Miguel Sanz, general director of Turespaña, “as the world’s favourite tourist destination, has the opportunity to position itself at the international forefront of inclusion and diversity, consolidating the country as a global benchmark in this area” of tourism.